Team Rosters

  • Each team will be required to finalize their team roster for the season by the April tournament.
  • Teams can have a maximum of 15 players.
  • Each listed team must participate in 3 of the 6 tournaments to be able to participate in the championships.
  • Each listed player must participate in a minimum of 2 PIHL events during the current season on the listed team in order to be eligible for participation in the PIHL Playoffs and/or Championships.
  • Each team will turn in a signed roster before each tournament.
  • These rules are to stabilize team rosters and playoff seeds, players that are listed on the roster are the only players that may compete for that team during the season, playoffs, and PIHL championships.  
  • Any violation of this rule will result in the team forfeiting all games that are played with ineligible players.  Once a player has registered on a team he/she may not change teams except under extraordinary circumstances.

Recorded Statistics

During the PIHL season, team statistics and standings will be maintained. The league goal is to use the recorded stats as a way to properly seed teams for the playoffs. Statistics that will be recorded are:
  • Total Games Played 
  • Wins (2)
  • Losses (0)
  • Ties (1)
  • Goals against total goals for
  • Player Goals
  • Player Assists
  • Player Penalty Minutes


  • In the event of an overtime teams will immediately go into a 4 on 4 sudden death for 5 minutes.
  • If no team scored in the first round, we will proceed to the next 4 on 4 sudden death for another 5 minutes
  • If not yet again no team scores we will proceed to a 3 on 3 sudden death for 5 minutes
  • Lastly if we come down to the 4 (or more) round, we will play a 2 on 2 sudden death for 5 minutes (this will repeat until we have a winner). If a player receives a penalty, we will immediately stop play, and a penalty shot will be awarded.

Team Standings

  • PIHL determines standing seeds based on Goals against, then Goals for, then Penalty minutes. In the event of a two or more teams are in a tie in all three sections, we move into a shoot out to determine the standings.
  • In the event of a team having 1 more game than anyone other, PIHL will at random choose a game that will not count for said team, without that team knowing. The standing will be readjusted to support this change.

Referee Info

Since the demise of USA Hockey Inline, our focus as a league is to follow the rules and certification process set in place by AAU. 

Tournament Fees

  • The PIHL  fees will be $595.00 per team per tournament (Must be paid one week in advance!)
  • The first 4 teams registered and paid will be guaranteed slots in that tournament .
  • Championship $695.00 per team.

  • To help build the 8U division
    • Tournament fee will be $525.00 for 8u teams with 9 players or less.
    • 8u Teams with 10 or more, Tournament fee will be $550.00.

PIHL Accepts All forms of payments. All Credit / Paypal have a $20.00 service charge added to the league fee.

PIHL Website

The PIHL website will be updated with league news, photos, and schedules as the season progresses. Please refer to this site as your official link to everything PIHL.